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International Journal of Modern Research and Development (IJMRND) is an online publication which gives an opportunity to students, researchers, and authors to publish their research. IJMRND has reviewed and published more than 200,000 high quality research papers and manuscripts since its inception, and has catered to millions of researchers globally

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Our main objective is to provide customized services for publishing research for students and researchers around the globe. Our aim is to curate and spread the most original, authentic and up to date research via your respective submissions. We ensure that your research is reviewed by the top scholars of the industry and is published on time.

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Our broad is aim to provide the most original, authentic and up-to-date research results via your respective submissions

  • We aim to provide a highly readable & valuable addition to the literature which will serve as an indispensable reference tool for years to come.
  • The coverage of the journal includes all new theoretical and experimental findings
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As a global leader for publishing your research , we channel our knowledge & strengths to help organizations improve global standards

  • World class research - IJMRND is known to publish authentic, & validated and up to date reserach
  • Global dissemination - We ensure our online prescence and accessibility worldwide
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We have been in business for more than 10 years, and our numbers speak for themselves

  • Low cost access to more than 1,500 institutions in 96 countries
  • Free Access to hundreds and thousands of articles in the public domain
  • IJMRND has made 98% progress in expanding access options for individuals since its inception

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IJMRND is a digital library created in 1990 to help university and college libraries free up space on their shelves, save costs, and provide greater levels of access to more content than ever before.

More generally, by digitizing content to high standards and supporting its long-term preservation we help researchers transit their research from print to digital operations. Our aim is to expand scholarly content and to preserve it for future generations.

IJMRND was established in 1990 as a resource for the academic community. Over the years, there has been a tremendous need for an online digital source of academic knowledge. By 2012, IJMRND became an online program that provides publication and access for over 10,000 registered members.
Today, in light of our goal to preserve scholarly content, we continue our journey of gathering, curating and preserving research, and making it available to more and more scholars around the world.

We digitalize millions of pages of scholarly content each year. IJMRND provides online 24/7 access to people in 140+ countries, invests in new technologies to support the use of this content, and ensures the preservation of content over time.

IJMRND was created as a resource for the academic community, but as digital technology has become more omnipresent in society, there is increased awareness of an interest in this content from the general public.

In 2012, we also established Academics & Read, an online program that provides access to more than 18,100 journals from our archive collection

  • Digital Online Academic Library
  • Expansion Over The Years
  • Minimal Fees Are Charged To Cover Our Costs
  • IJMRND is Not Just a Publisher


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  • Highly Visible Platform
  • Best Global Knowledge Sharing Platform
  • Encouraging Quality Research
  • Certificates to All the Authors for Publication
  • Official Review Report for All Published Paper
  • Lowest Publication Fee to Encourage Researchers
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I am delighted as my research was published in a matter of two days. I liked the way you published my paper, and how you helped me at every step! Thanks alot!

Dave Morgan, Boston


An abstracting and indexing (A&I) service is important part of publication process. The journal indexes content at the article level by assigning subject headings (descriptors or keywords) to each one and then making them searchable in the product's database

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Every year, we receive over 10,000 submissions, which pass through a rigorous and thorough screening process. Our set of predefined operational procedures are put into effect in order to bring forward manuscripts and researches that are authenticated and also positively contribute to the scientific research community and environment.



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